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Το Pranic Healing στην Τηνο.

Το Pranic Healing στην Τηνο. Ομαλοποιηστε το ενεργειακο σας σωμα   ωστε   να επελθει   η αυτοιαση, κανετε  Pranic Healing και μα...

Το Pranic Healing στην Τηνο.

Ομαλοποιηστε το ενεργειακο σας σωμα ωστε  να επελθει η αυτοιαση, κανετε Pranic Healing και μαθετε πως να διατηρειτε μια αιθερικη υγιεινη που θα σας βοηθησει να παραμεινετε υγιεις, κατακτηστε την εσωτερικη ειρηνη μεσω του Διαλογισμου στις Διδυμες Καρδιες.

Με την Evita Myriam, Pranic Healer.

Για Pranic Healing στην Τηνο
Evita Myriam
697 2204 180
22830 26086
Κόστος θεραπευτικής συνεδρίας: 30.00€

Για συμμετοχη σε σεμιναρια διδασκαλιας του Pranic Healing στην Αθηνα
6977 347 916 email:

Pranic Healing vacation at the Cycladic island of Tinos.

Harmonize your energy body and heal yourself, get Pranic Healing therapy and learn how to keep an aetheric hygiene that will help you stay healthy, learn how to achieve peace through the Twin Hearts meditation.
With Evita Myriam, Pranic Healer.

What is Pranic Healing? Where can it be applied, how does it work and which ailments does it address?

The method of Pranic Healing has become known to the modern world by an extraordinary Healer and Teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui, who for more than three decades studied ancient energy eastern healing techniques and adjusted them to today's needs. He so created Pranic Healing, an extraordinary healing method, simple yet very powerful, capable of facing contemporary man's problems. Pranic Healing has been presented by CBS and CNN, while there is extensive research documenting the powerful results of its applications.
Pranic Healing is applied on the receiver's energy body (known also as "aura") and not on the physical body. According to Pranic healing research results, an illness is caused by the existence of negative or pathogen energy in our environment or in our physical body. Through Pranic Healing we aid in the normalization of the body's energy system so that it may be capable to self heal faster and better. The Pranic Healer learns how to recognize the energy body and "read" any imbalance signs of the aura. So he/she acts so as to bring the lost balance back. The harmonization of hte energy field has helped many people in the world with various problems. Pranic Healing is successful in bringing relief or healing to a great number of illnesses, on a physical, emotional, psychological and mental plane, in whatever stage the illnesses may be, as for example:
. anxiety, nervousness, worry, sadness, hysteria, phobias, trauma, obsession, compulsive behavior, depression, addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling,etc), violence, paranoia
.breathing disorders, disorders of the blood, the brain, the nervous system,
.gastrointestinal, skin, heart, myoskeletal illnesses,
.tumors and cancer,
.ailments of the reproductive, immune, defense, endocrinal, circulatory and urinary systems,
.ailments of the eyes, (presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism etc), of the ears and the throat,
.mental retardation.
Pranic Healing may be used to animals and plants, (animals being especially receptive to it), for the purification of spaces and objects, for the healing of relationships, for protection from negative energies and influences, even for face lifting, bodysculpting etc. It can be used for self healing - once someone has attended a Pranic healing seminar he/she may use it for self healing- while it may even be applied from a distance for patients who are far away or cannot be moved.
The required therapy time for a simple illness varies from a few minutes to a few days, while for more serious illnesses more time is required. In some cases, improvement may be "miraculous". But not all illnesses can be cured, nor all patients be healed. The result depends upon various factors: The frequency of the therapy treatments, the age and natural condition of the patient, the degree of receptivity of the patient, the existence of contrary factors or causes that delay or block the realization of the healing, the degree of damage, the nature of the illness, the ability of hte healer, the degree to which the patient is cooperative, and in some cases, the use of other forms of treatment that complement pranic healing.
In a typical Pranic Healing session, the receiver sits in a chair, normally dressed and maintains a loose and calm posture. Pranic healers DO NOT diagnose, so the patient must describe his/her symptoms as well as report on his diagnosis by a medical doctor, if such a diagnosis has been made. For issues of emotional or psychological nature a general description that will help the healer understand the nature of the problem is quite enough. For physical problems a more detailed description is necessary. In all steps of the healing the healer uses his/ her hands and/or crystals upon the aura of the patient but WITHOUT touching the physical body of the patient at any point.
The duration of the session, the results as well as the frequency of treatments vary according to the nature of the problem that must be treated. An average duration is an hour, during which the healer cleans the aura of the patient and normalizes all his energy centers. In almost all cases, at the end of the therapy, there is relief from the symptoms and the patient feels relaxed, calm and more alert, mentally. 

ATTENTION! Pranic Healing  has no intention to replace conventional medicine, but to complement it. If an illness is serious or if symptoms persist, you are kindly asked to visit immediately a doctor and a certified Pranic Healer.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Master Choa Kok Sui
For Pranic Healing in Tinos, Cyclades
Evita Myriam
0030 697 2204 180
0030 22830 26086
Healing Session Cost: 30.00€

For Participation in Seminars Teaching Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga in Athens
Pranic Healing Light
0030 6977 347 916